Is It Time to Service Your Brakes?

Brake pad replacement can be one of the least expensive repairs for brakes. Brake wear and tear depends on several factors. These include vehicle type, the operator’s driving habits, and the auto part manufacturer. As such, not every manufacturer offers the same advice for how often a mechanic should service your brakes. An average repair time for brake service is every 30,000 miles. Our team at Claremont Hyundai can replace pads, turn rotors, and they can replace drums, while a complete brake repair consists of replacing the entire brake system.

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Hyundai Lease Advantages

If you've spent time on our new inventory page, you've seen a wide variety of quality new Hyundai vehicles. Choosing the right car can be hard, especially when you factor in your budget. Often times it's not financially feasible to lease the top-of-the-line model, and you can only choose one. After all, it's not like you can drive a new car every two or three years.

Unless, of course, you lease it.


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The Amazing Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid & Ioniq Electric Vehicle

There are a lot of ways to be green. Use paper bags instead of plastic bags, recycle properly, use a reusable water bottle, and the list goes on. But another way that you can be green is by driving a hybrid or electric vehicle and the Hyundai Ioniq is not like any other hybrid vehicle on the road today.


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